# Product Consulting

Can Wondershare's AILab be used for free?

All functions of the Wondershare's AILab can be experienced through the navigation bars of [Products and Services], [Solutions], and [Experience Center]. Currently API calls require payment. You can purchase on the [Purchase Page]. If you want to learn more about other interesting AI products, you can view [Wondershare].

What can I do with Wondershare's AILab APIs?

You can implement your own fun AI products by calling the APIs. To learn more about creative AI algorithm uses, you can view application scenarios and creative directions on specific algorithm detail pages.

How do I enable Wondershare's AILab API services?

Please refer to [Integration Process] to enable access.

Are there restrictions on image/audio/video formats?

Yes, we support a wide variety of common image, video, and audio formats to accommodate most use cases. For images, supported formats include JPG, PNG, JPEG, webp and other mainstream formats. Popular video formats like mov, MP4, AVI, and m4v are compatible. Common audio formats like mov, MP4, AVI, m4v, MP3, and WAV work with our system as well. If you want to learn more, you can view each service's restrictions in the [API Documentation].

# Billing and Pricing

How are APIs charged?

Please refer to Billing Items (opens new window) for charges.

How can I issue an invoice?

You can issue an invoice from the "My Orders" section in the Account Center. Go to handle it immediately (opens new window)

I did not find a suitable purchase package, what do I do?

We apologize that we did not provide a purchase package that fully met your needs. You can [Contact Us] and we will reply as soon as we receive your message.

Can remaining points be refunded if I no longer want to use the service?

We apologize that purchased points are non-refundable. Please purchase based on estimated needs. You are welcome to provide pricing suggestions at any time by [Contact Us].

# Algorithm and Technical Issues

Issues During API Integration

Users can first check the [Integration Process] and [API Documentation] to troubleshoot. If the issue remains unresolved, please [Contact Us].

Last Updated: 11/27/2023, 8:40:04 PM