# Product Introduction

# Introduction

Product Introduction

The Wondershare's AILab leverages Wondershare's rich experience in the digital creativity field to provide full-scenario, high-usability and cost-effective visual intelligence API services for visual intelligence technology companies and developers.

With just one APPKEY [Obtain APPKEY], you can easily call any endpoint and quickly integrate them into your applications or workflows to empower your products.

The Wondershare's AILab is continuously evolving and will keep updating and iterating more visual AI capabilities delivered through APIs to provide convenient and efficient API services for you. Please Keep FollowingWondershare's AILab (opens new window)

Capability Overview

The Wondershare's AILab provides visual AI capabilities focusing on images, audio, and video. An overview of capabilities is as follows:


Products and Services:

Image Technology

Audio Technology

Video Technology

# Console Instructions

The console primarily consists of four sections: Overview, Application Management, Monitoring Center, and Account Center. Here are brief descriptions of each page.


  • Quickly top up your account balance, view service consumption guidance, documentation, etc.

  • View Service Call Data

    View usage consumption data in the "Usage Consumption Data" section of the Overview. Filter data by service and time period to intuitively view usage trends. The service consumption details show points deducted for each service call to help understand usage.

  • Set Account Notifications

    Click the bell icon in the top right corner, then click "Edit" to set up notifications.


Application Management

  • Application List

    View, switch on/off, modify or delete applications. The APPKEY is also obtained here after creating an application for integration.

  • Application Usage List

    View details of which services each application called to better understand usage.


Monitoring Center

  • Monitor Each Call

    Monitor status and results of each call. Failed calls will show the reason in the "Request Information" to help troubleshoot issues based on monitoring feedback.


Account Center

  • Purchase Records

    View an accurate record of all expenditures to track spending over time.

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