How to Use Cartoon Character Maker Online?

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AI Process
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Explore Cartoon Avatar Features in Minutes

This is where you might want to start playing around with the AILab magic. Try on various styles and see which transformation suits you best! Our intelligent AI algorithms are ready to help you meet the most memorable version of yourself.

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Turn Portrait Photo into a Sketch

Use AILab's cartoon avatar maker to convert pictures into sketch portraits. It only requires a few simple steps, is fast, and provides high-definition images.
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Graphic Novel Without the Novel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the protagonist of a graphic novel? Now you can! You can easily create a graphic novel photo with the Cartoon Avatar Face Maker or LOL Avatar Creator.
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Give Photos More of an AI Look

What if the cartoon world and reality were combined? It's possible with tailor-made designer effects for you in 3D Cartoon Face Maker, Barbie Doll Avatar Maker, LOL, Avatar Creator, etc.

Define New Cooperation and Future

Many products have already used the algorithms on AILab, and we expect more enterprise products to join the cooperation in the future.

I am very interested in AILab Donald Duck voice changer, I am running a NFT project & it will be a collection of ducks. I am going to host twitter spaces & live AMAs with a Donald voice changer, it would be absolutely perfect. Excited to experience more features!

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Patrick V.
Head of NFT Market Development Company

I work in an animation studio and often pay attention to the 3D cartoon face maker API on the market. I learned about AILab by chance. The image capacity in their Pro package can fully support us to customize the box we need. Great!

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William Onyeabor
Developer of Animation Studio

As a 3C accessories seller on Amazon, we often struggle with processing the main product images. We really love the AI Upscale as it gives our product images outstanding quality, and we would love to be able to use it.

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Barbara Palvin
Amazon 3C Accessories Seller

I'm a marketing specialist who uses social media platforms to promote our company's offerings. We will use some image tools when updating promotional materials. Still, the nature of our work does not require high professionalism in image processing, so we have never paid for tools. Your AI Image Upscaler is best. Thanks for it's free!

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Cristopher Columbus
Social Media Marketers

As a business secretary of a technology company, I often need to prepare documents for the boss before an important meeting. So I have been looking for image enhancement solutions suitable for people like me who are not professional designers until I met AILab.

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Olivia Rodrigo
Business Secretary
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Explore the Innovative AI Ecology Together in Depth

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Free Trial
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Massive Features
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AIGC Solution
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Efficiency Acceleration

Frequently Asked Questions

AILAB offers you a free trial, and if you want to experience more features, you can buy points to get a better service experience. We also provide API service. If you have any requests, please submit them on the Contact us page or email to:

Image formats we support: jpg, png, jpeg, webp and other mainstream image formats.

Video formats: mov, mp4, avi, m4v, and other mainstream video formats are supported.

Audio formats: mov, mp4, avi, m4v, mp3, wav, and other mainstream function formats.

You can also try Video Background Remover, Video Cartoonizer to make your video more fun. Besides, there are dozens of image and audio processing tools like 3D Cartoon Face Maker, Aging Filter, and Gender Swap Filter.

Yes, you can. You can view the access document to quickly get the API access plan. If you have any questions, you can directly contact customer service email: