How to Swap Faces and Heads Online?



Upload the image you want to edit.


Wait for AI to swap heads in photos.


Get back the photos with head swapped.

Try out the Magic of AILab Head Swapper

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Scenes to Be Used


The Editing Way You Will Never Get Bored

With professional tools and hours of hard work, senior editors enjoy the fun pixel-level head & face matting and swapping. At AILab, however, the head swapping tool automates the process, saving tons of time for any levels of editing lovers.

Make Lover Cartoon Sticker with Real Heads

Have you tied Swapping heads with a cartoon character? This is the way to make an adorable cartoon image of yourself. Make stickers of family and friends and share them on social media with the help of AILab!

What Makes AILab Unique ?


Simple & Fast

Enjoy lightning speed in this lightweight browser-based AILab.

100% AI Driven

Well-trained AI is smart enough to recognize and modifiy your photos automatically.

Matting with High Accuracy

AILab is able to recognize the head and distinguish it from the background with high accuracy.

High compatibility for images

Popular image formats are supported at AILab, including jpg, png, jpeg, webp, and gif.

Stunning Effects

Empower your works without quality loss of original files.

No Ads, No Spam

No ads, no spam, no phishing, and no pop-ups in AILab.

Frequently Asked Questions

AILab is an AI cloud platform built by Wondershare. The AI platform aims at digital creativity, including video, images, and audio processing.

Yes, it is totally free for consumer-level usage. For business users, please contact us to customize your plan.

AILab supports most of the image formats, including jpg, png, jpeg, webp, and gif.

The size of images should not exceed 5M, for it may lead to an upload failure.

Unfortunately, this feature does not support the batch process in the current version. For business users, please contact us to customize your plan.


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